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Final Walk Through
Final Walk Through
What is the final walk-through?

The final walk-through is not a home inspection. It's not a time to begin negotiations with the seller for repairs, nor is it contingent to the sale. A final walk-through is an inspection performed anywhere from a few hours to five days before closing, and its primary purpose is to make certain that the property is in the condition you agreed to buy -- that agreed-upon repairs, if any, were made and nothing has gone wrong with the home since you last looked at it.

Buyers are often pressed for time as the day draws near for closing, which means buyers can be tempted to pass on the final walk-through. It is never a good idea to forgo the final walk-through.

How we can help!

You will probably be able to walk around testing switches and faucets with no problem, but when it comes to hopping up into the attic to make sure the seller took care of that raccoon nest or missing insulation, replaced the powered vent fan down in the crawl space, or had the missing hardware installed to the ledger board under your deck -- this is where a professional inspector can put a focused and trained eye and give you the peace of mind to know the original defects have been addressed.

We will work with you to perform the perfect level of inspection as you approach settlment.

Here is a sample list of items to check on a final walk-through:

  • Turn on and off every light fixture
  • Run water & look under sinks for leaks
  • Test all appliances
  • Check garage door openers
  • Open and close all doors
  • Flush toilets
  • Inspect ceilings, wall and floors
  • Run garbage disposal and exhaust fans
  • Test heating and air conditioning
  • Open and close windows
  • Make sure all debris is removed from the home


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